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Mission Statement

The San Diego Chapter of AALAS is a scientific and continuing education organization dedicated to helping its members further their education and knowledge through networking, seminars, symposiums, granting educational scholarships, testing, travel and registration to appropriate scientific meetings, and assisting the national AALAS organization with these same goals.

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The San Diego Chapter of AALAS is a non-profit benefit professional organization, not organized for the private gain of any person; and comprised of laboratory research industry professionals including Technicians, Research Scientists, Managers, Directors and
commercial colleagues.

Sign the Pro-Test Petition today.

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Pro-Test Petition

For far too long a small hardcore segment of animal rights activists have used violence and threats against scientists who use laboratory animals in their quest for new treatments and cures.

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BOD Meeting

The Board of Directors meeting is the second Tuesday of every Month. The meeting starts at 12:00pm and usually ends by 1:00pm.

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BOD Nominations! Get the 2015 Call for Nominations flier here and be part of the action!

Call for Poster Abstracts! Share your best work in presenting data, download this PowerPoint document and show us your stuff!

Thanks for coming to our Summer Event, see pix on facebook and our gallery pages!